Soba Noodle Robot, AI Dishwashing Robot, Beer Serving Robot Debut! @HCJ 2020 in Makuhari


Connected Robotics Inc. (Tokyo) is going to exhibit at HCJ 2020, the biggest trade show for hospitality industry in Japan on Feb 18th-21st. This year, we will have a booth twice the size of last year, and exhibit a total of 6 types of robots, including three newly introduced robot services.

  1. Soba Noodle Robot <NEW>
  2. AI Dishwashing Robot <NEW>
  3. Beer Serving Robot <NEW>
  4. Takoyaki Robot (OctoChef)
  5. Soft Cream Robot (Reita)
  6. Hot Snack Robot for Convenience Stores

NEW Robots Description

■Soba Noodle Robot (Automating a series of Soba cooking processes of boiling, washing and tightening)

At the standing meal soba noodle shop in the stations, you can eat quickly before boarding or between transfers. The staff is busy working all day long. In the cooking process, boiled soba noodles are served to each person after being cooked together. By utilizing our soba noodle robot, the process of boiling, washing and tightening can be performed automatically. This initiative has been adopted by the JR East Startup Program and is being promoted in collaboration with JR East Startup Co., Ltd. and Japan Restaurant Enterprise Co., Ltd. * Future tests will be conducted at “Sobaichi” at JR Higashi Koganei Station.


■AI Dishwashing Robot (Recognize the dishes without a marker and carry out everything from pre-washing to washing and arranging them on the shelf)

This project has been developed as a joint research with Mizuuchi Lab at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. This is a dishwashing robot that has been commercialized based on the demonstration machine that has been announced at the exhibition so far, in order to run in an actual kitchen. Washing dishes in restaurants is a work that is said to be smelly, dirty, and harsh and is avoided.

By utilizing our service, the only thing the staff need to do is simply throwing away the leftovers and putting the dishes on. The robot recognizes the dishes, conducts pre-washing and serves to the dishwasher, and arrange all the clean dishes on the shelf automatically. Equipped with advanced image recognition and AI technology, even if the plate is not marked with a specific marker, and even if the plate is dirty, the robot can recognize various types of dishes and choose a proper method to wash.


Beer Serving Robot (Robotic arm suspended from the ceiling provides beer)

The izakaya’s kitchen does a lot of cooking, so the space for making drinks is very limited. In addition, it takes time to serve beer orders. By utilizing our beer serving robot, the staff just starts to brew beer as soon as the order is placed, and the staff just receives it. It can be installed in a small space, and there is no need for people to take care.


▼About HCJ

Date: February 18 (Tue)-21 (Fri), 2020 @ 10:00-17:00 (until 16:30 on the last day)

Venue: Makuhari Messe {International Exhibition Hall 7} * Our booth is “7-H23”.

*We will divide the booth into three and show the cooking robots that match the theme.

1. Soba in the station Soba Noodle Robot, AI Dishwashing Robot
2. Food court zone OctoChef, Reita, Beer Serving Robot
3. Convenience store zone Hot Snack Robot for Convenience Stores


▼Product Info

Soba Noodle Robot (NEW)
Function The arm robot lifts a special pot, boil, wash, and tightens it with cold water.
Capacity Approximately 40 pc / hour
AI Dishwashing Robot (NEW)
Function The arm robot identifies dishes and glasses, lifts them, and performs pre-washing. Put it on the rack and push the rack into the dishwasher. Display dishes and glasses on the shelves after washing is completed.

*Two robot arms are used.

Capacity Dishes for approximately 40-60 people / hour
Beer Serving Robot (NEW)
Function Recognizing the order, the arm robot takes out the plastic cup, extracts the beer, and serves it.
Capacity Approximately 1 cup / min
Takoyaki Robot (OctoChef)
Function Takoyaki cooking (process: pouring dough-baking). The staff prepares and tops the ingredients. It is also possible to check if there is unevenness in the printing with the AI function.
Capacity Approximately 288 pc / hour
Soft Cream Robot (Reita)
Function Serving the soft cream (process: order reception – product provision)
Capacity Approximately 2 pc / min
Hot Snack Robot for Convenience Stores
Function Take out the ingredients such as fried chicken from the freezer and cook it with a fryer. After cooking, transfer to a case and put in a self-contained warm storage. The robot manages the inventory of the self-contained heat storage and automatically cooks when it runs out.
Capacity Approximately 4 pc / min