Soft Serve Ice Cream Robots

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So cute, so efficient

The robot handles the entire process of serving soft serve ice cream, while store staffs are on other tasks. It’s also compatible with ice cream servers for 3 different flavors (e.g. vanilla, chocolate and mixed flavor). The ice cream is served at an equal amount every time, facilitating cost management.

Efficiency: 90 servings per hour
Serving speed: 30 to 40 sec. per serving

Easy operation from a tablet

The robot can immediately start working after installation, as its operation is simply controlled via a tablet device.

Fun and entertaining

While serving quality ice cream, the robot also acts as a fun character. It talks to the crowd, draws attention to the store, recognizes if someone waves and reacts.

Customizable character appearance

The character’s appearance can be made to order according to your theme. Let us know your request, and we can discuss possible solutions.

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