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Productivity improvements

With its precise motion and long-hour working capabilities, OctoChef can do much more cooking than a human staff can. There’s no need for a break or training.
“Collaborative robots” like OctoChef are designed to safely work with people. As soon as it detects physical contact with someone, it’ll come to a stop to prevent injuries or other forms of damage.

Capacity and speed: Prepares 12 to 96 Takoyaki in 15 to 20 mins

An expert newcomer

OctoChef can distribute Takoyaki* batter evenly, perhaps better than human experts. Robots are great at repeating identical processes, and this is exactly where it comes in handy. OctoChef recreates necessary “Takumi” (expert) skills for Takoyaki cooking from the day it’s installed at the site.
*Takoyaki is a Japanese favorite ball-shaped snack made of wheat flour-based batter with chopped octopus and other ingredients inside. Here is a link to Wiki.

Continuous learning with the AI

The onboard camera acts as an eye of the robot, and the built-in AI learns how a perfectly-cooked Takoyaki looks like. OctoChef keeps getting smarter as it learns, and human staffs can help it learn, too, by showing it what it didn’t do well. The accumulated data can also be shared with the entire chain of stores using the cloud system OctoChef is connected to.

Easy operation from a tablet

OctoChef can be easily operated from a tablet. The app lets you adjust slight changes in the cooking process, like the amount of batter or cooking time. You can also use the app to make the robot prepare, clean and even dance for the audience.

Slight adjustments are set from the tablet device