Hot Snack Robot

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For better efficiency in convenience stores. Automate orders to serving.

With its precise motion and long-hour working capabilities, these robots can do much more cooking than a human staff can. There’s no need for a break or training.
“Collaborative robots” are designed to safely work with people. As soon as it detects physical contact with someone, it’ll come to a stop to prevent injuries or other forms of damage.

Fast, flexible and accurate

Deep fryer and/or electric grill can be chosen according to the desired cooking method.
This robot controls preparation time, maintains quality and provides better efficiency of the cooking process than regular store staffs.

Efficiency: 120 servings per hour
Serving speed: 20 to 40 sec. per serving

Image recognition system supports wider range of items

An image recognition system working with the onboard camera makes it possible for the robot to accurately tell where the snacks are placed and firmly grab them.

Current menu:
Deep-fried snacks: Fried chicken, Kushi-katsu (Skewered deep-fried pork)
Deli: Sausages, Dumplings, Tsukune (Skewered grilled chicken balls), Yakitori (Skewered grilled chicken)

About the robot’s name:

“Hot Snack” is a common name for Japanese deli sold in convenience stores in Japan. They are usually cooked in the store, kept and served warm. Japanese people call these “hot snacks” because they use the term “hot” to describe warm foods, not because they are “spicy”. Even though “hot snack” could confuse English speakers with its meaning, we named our robot this way so that the domestic customers can intuitively understand the function of the robot.

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