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Good morning, your breakfast is ready

Loraine prepares a happy morning. What if we could wake up to the pleasant smell of fresh coffee and grilled bacon, along with the crisp sound of eggs getting pan-fried? We thought that’s a goal worth giving a try.
To make fun breakfast on a vacation even more exciting, Loraine is currently under development for use in B&B’s and vacation rentals.

Customizable menu items

To spice up the morning routine, users can use the app on their smart device to choose what they want to have for breakfast.

Coffee, toast, sunny-side up,
bacon, grilled veggies

Prepares max. 4 servings per cycle.
Each cycle is approx. 5 mins.

Simple, quick & easy

Setting up Loraine couldn't be easier. To install, all you need to do is to place Loraine in the kitchen, supply power and connect it to Wi-Fi.

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