Working on some of the cutting edge technologies in Deep learning and Object Recognition keeps me excited.

入社理由は?(How he joined CR?)

I came across CR when I was searching for Robotic startup companies in Tokyo. I like the location of this company (as I lived in the same campus last year and did research at this university). I contacted Tez and he gave me an opportunity. I had a choice to make and chose to work here because I was attracted to cooking robot domain and also I preferred the working style of CR (Tez doesn’t do micromanagement)!

いまの仕事内容は??(What is his task?)

I have worked on the Dish washing system since I joined CR. At that time I was the only one working on that project and the previous person in charge had recently left.
Now I am working on object recognition and other computer vision, deep learning and camera related tasks.

(What is the most interesting point of CR work?)

「Working on some of the cutting edge technologies in Deep learning and Object Recognition keeps me excited.」
Research work for my job is very challenging because our research covers cutting-edge technology.
I need to be up to date about recent developments in deep learning by reading books, research papers and articles as the deep learning domain is constantly evolving.
I make it a point to make some time everyday to keep my knowledge up to date.

(How do you describe about CR?)

「Young Dynamic Company!」
I think this company is still young and developing so we can experiment many new things and adjust flexibly!

(What’s your dream in working for CR?)

「I want to be a Software Architect and lead projects.」
In future, I want to not only deepen my technical skills but also get to know about management.
I think a Robotics Engineer needs to be skilled not only technically (software, hardware, control, etc..) but also be knowledgeable about psychology, sociology and philosophy as one is building robots which will eventually work along with humans. Technical skills wise, I’m hoping to start a PhD course in deep learning, and at the same time, I want to learn about psychology, budget management, project management and so on.
I prefer startup companies for this reason as I have an opportunity to learn a lot of things from different domains in a short amount of time.

(What’s your core value of working?)

「I want to prioritize on quality of my output.」
When developing new systems, I focus on quality first.
If I make it faster, it would be messy and full of bugs if its quality is not up to the mark. Meanwhile, if it takes too much time and can’t meet customer’s expected deadline, it would be useless, too. I think we have to balance the speed and quality.

オフは何してる?(What is your hobby?)

On weekends, I sometimes play my ukulele (I bought a good one recently!) and play soccer with my share-house friends. Sometimes I go around beautiful places in Tokyo by my motorbike. Let’s go together!


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