AI Robot Controller Engineer
Job description

Job title

AI Robot Controller Engineer

Robotics technology is highly needed worldwide, and our platform is not only in Japan. Connected Robotics embrace diversity and have employees from all over the world. We do not discriminate candidates by their nationality, age, gender and we provide high-level environment and support to all employees. If you love robots and want to contribute your technical skills in food service industry, you are more than welcome to join us!

Purpose of the Job

At Connected Robotics, we are developing robot systems to help cooking foods and washing dishes in kitchens of restaurants and homes. Robot controller software engineers will be involved in robot controllers’ development for these applications.

Unlike industrial robots in the factories, our robots work closely with people in the kitchens for different kinds of tasks. For example, in the case of a Takoyaki robot, pouring the dough, turning the Takoyaki around according to the degree of baking, serving with plates, etc.

To achieve such complicated tasks, the key is to develop software controllers and AI for robots. It requires high skills and patience. It’s not an easy job, however, this cutting-edge innovation will bring us fantastic experience and significant skills up. In the future, we aim to make people’s diets richer through the realization of advanced cooking skills such as beautiful dishes, chopping and exquisite baking adjustments.

Job Contents

  • Software planning, development, implementation, and follow-up after delivery of robots for projects such as Takoyaki, Ice cream, and Dishwashers.
  • Development of trajectory generation and operation plan to control the robot properly by using C / C ++ or Python programming language on ROS.
  • Development of controller that can be used on different robots for general purpose.
  • Improving the accuracy of robot control algorithm using knowledge of forward / reverse kinematics and forward / reverse dynamics.
  • Conduct testing and evaluation after software development and aim at improvement of control capability while debugging.

Key Qualifications

[Knowledge and Experience]

  • Experience of developing applications for robot arms;
  • Basic knowledge of forward& inverse kinematics of robot arms, and experience of implementation;
  • Experience of acceleration& deceleration profile and trajectory generation of robot arms’ tip position;
  • Basic knowledge and usage experience of motion planning and 3D simulation;
  • Knowledge of I/O control of robot peripheral devices;
  • Basic knowledge of image recognition technology and experience of using libraries such as OpenCV;
  • Knowledge and experience of Machine Learning, such as deep learning and reinforcement learning;
  • Parallelization programming knowledge and experience;
  • Socket programming knowledge and experience;
  • Real-time control knowledge and experience, such as embedded software development;
  • Knowledge and implementation experience of object-oriented programming
  • Automatic Unit Test

    【Keywords】: OpenCV, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Python, C++, GAN, Computer Vision.


Business level English
Conversation level Japanese

How to apply

Please apply from the link below.